Your satisfaction is important to us!

Our business is "you buy it, we refund it".

1. All of your product should "buy" in our store first. That's not need you pay it. but just let us registered and prepare the refund for you.

2. Please make sure bought the correct product ( KnowDress SKU=Amazon ASIN).  We can not refund for those product which are not we sold. 

3. Every product can only  refund money back ONE item per one amazon account / one review.

4. All the product can not been return after you apply the refund in our website.

5. Only five star review has been publicized can apply the refund. the review more details with pictures/videos review is much better. 

6. Please submit your review ASAP.  We only provide refund to those who submitted their publicized review within 10 days after the product has been successful delivered.

7. We only refund the product price, we don't cover the PayPal fee. Besides, customers may incur tax and additional freight charges on Amazon.

8. Some product may refund discount like 80%, not 100%. we will tell you in the detail of the product. 


We're here to help!

KnowDress Customer Service is always happy to assist you with any questions you have about refunds. (And any other questions you may have!)

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